Settling down at night is hard for many children. They want to stay up longer and the need for parental affection, at that exact moment, is always a conflict. We know our kids, and we know that they’re going to be tired the next day, yet we let them stay up with the hopes of calming the situation or making them feel loved.


We all already know how vital sleep is; but did you know that the preparation before sleep can be just as important? If bedtime preparation takes too long, then it can be hard for kids to settle at night. Here are a few tips for helping your children get to bed on time:


Slow Things Down


Night can be a fun time for kids to jump around and run wild with their imagination. However, it can also be difficult to settle them back down once it comes to putting them down for bedtime. It is important to get them to do some moderate activity before expecting them to drift off to sleep. Some activities could be like reading them a book, listening to music, or watching a show with a bedtime snack. Activities that require them to stay still and that is less engaging can help their bodies slow down and prepare them for sleep.


Make a Bedtime Routine


Creating a bedtime routine can make things easier on both the parent and child. By creating a familiar bedtime routine, you can create a structure that is associated with sleep. It is important that your child begins to wind down a half hour even before the bedtime routine begins. As mentioned before, this can include a night time snack or a little bit of reading. Activities that require your kids to slow down and start to relax are essential. By doing this, your kid will be able to pick up on the subtle cues that their bedtime is approaching, which will make the process more comfortable as the parent. The actual bedtime routine can be as followed:


  • Relaxing Bath
  • Pajama Time
  • Brushing Teeth & Hair
  • Lay in Bed, Read a Book
  • Nighttime Snuggles


Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment


Most times a night, when a child is unable to sleep, it’s because they are distracted by the environment that surrounds them. For instance, a stuffed animal at night can help comfort your child while their sleeping, but too many in the bed can also become a distraction. It is essential to set up your child’s sleeping environment in a way that is comfortable while helping to promote their sleep. If your child is having a hard time falling asleep, here are some simple solutions:


  • Keep the Room Dark: Get blackout shades or blinds to minimize light discomfort. A little nightlight or source of light, if needed, is acceptable.


  • Keep the Room Quiet: If your child can’t sleep in silence, then get a noise machine or use a fan for steady sound.


  • Keep the Room Cool: Cooler temperatures help to promote deeper sleep. If your child is too warm, it can cause discomfort.


Start enjoying the nighttime again. For any more tips and tricks, visit our It’s All About Kids Blog for more!