Decades ago the only way you would be able to contact your child at daycare or school would be to call the school or daycare’s receptionist and ask for your child; however, times have changed. Cellphones, tablets and internet reception has made communication more accessible than ever, which introduces the question: How am I supposed to raise my child with so much technology surrounding their lives? Here are a few helpful tips, that you as a parent/guardian, can consider while raising your child.


Encourage Healthy Technology Use


The future is now, and technology will be a significant part of your child’s life moving forward; therefore, encouraging healthy technology use is beneficial for them. Around the ages of 3-4, you can introduce your child to computer games that encourage them to practice math, reading and writing skills. You may even get them to play some games to encourage problem-solving skills. When they reach high school age, you should introduce them to cell phones and show them how to use it safely.


Teach Them Moderation


Meeting friends and enjoying outside activities are essential for social integration; they teach social skills, behaviours and encourage the diversification of thoughts and ideas. A great way to integrate social skills as well as fun into your child’s life is to plan play dates with other children or take them to a public park where other kids are playing. After doing so, allow them a few hours to play healthy computer games.


Limit Your Own Media Use


As a parent, you take on a lot of responsibility for raising your child. 15-20 years ago, parents did not have to worry about their child using technology with internet accessibility; however, that is no longer the case. The fact is, children are great at imitating their parents and their behaviours. You see it all the time; if a parent is laughing at a television show, the child often laughs as well because they want to be just like his or her parent. If you’re always on your phone or computer, your child will believe that is what he or she should be doing. Limit your media use, set an example, and this will also allow you to spend more quality time with your precious child.


Monitor Their Usage:


Technology can be a stimulant for a young child; the ability to watch YouTube clips of their favourite TV shows, the ability to play games, and even the ability to take photographs of themselves or their surroundings can be exciting for a young child. When your kid is using media, you should have all parental features enabled. You should also monitor their activity in-person. Peek over your child’s shoulder once every ten minutes and ensure that they are using their tablet or computer for entertainment, fun, or for learning feasible techniques like math skills, reading skills or writing skills.